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Long-term cooperation with medical and technical translators

истекло время актуальности

AccentPharm Medical Translations LLC is looking for freelance experienced TRANSLATORS & EDITORS working in the field of Medicine, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutics, Nutrition, as well as IT, Business, Finance, Technology, Tourism, Law, who do translations professionally (no students/novices are allowed, please).


**We tend to NOT cooperate with linguists who specialize
in many/all fields, so please name only those industries in which you are a real expert***

We offer a long-term cooperation for the best candidates.

HOW COOPERATION WITH US LOOKS LIKE (some important points):
--Translators/editors are usually provided with style guides and quality checklists, so deliverables should always comply with those.
--Translators are required to check their work with the help of QA tools like Verifika (preferred) or XBench prior to delivery. So, acquaintance with these tools is preferred (or willingness to learn them quickly).
--Translators are always provided with the feedback on translation quality that should always be analyzed and taken into account for future references. So, constructive and responsive attitude is expected from the linguists.

--Professionalism, ability to take responsibility for the output quality and for the taken project in general
--Good analytical skills, research of unknown/complex terms in Web and reliable literature
--Friendliness in communication, open-mindedness, effective communicator
---Life-long learner
--Always ready to deliver timely (or to communicate any potential delays in advance)
--Reliable, trustworthy
--CAT experience is a must (or a willingness to learn CAT quickly). We work in Memsource, but MemoQ/SDL Studio/XTM skills may be necessary
--Perfect command of the target

--For the best candidates, we offer eLearning training for Medical Russian Translation (Ukrainian is under development and will be coming soon).

To apply, please attach to your application the following FOUR files:

1) a detailed CV with the description of the successfully performed projects in the required field
2) your best* rate (PER WORD) in USD
3) your sample translation (in your target language(s)
4) a cover letter in your NATIVE (target) language stating what you are good at, your CAT experience (or other translation software experience), experience in translation industry in general, who you worked for previously, etc. We are eager to read your professional life stories!

* "Best rate" here means the lowest rate you may offer to us to ensure a potential long-term cooperation

-- FOR RUSSIAN linguists: If your initial application and your rate are suitable for us, we will offer you to do online training on Russian Medical Translation, and once you are done, we will ask you to perform a test to check if the trainig has been completed successfully. If you pass the test, then you qualify.
---FOR OTHER LANGUAGES: We check you application with all attached documents, and will ask you to perform a test translation if we need to confirm your translation quality meets our expectations.
---THEN, once you qualify, you will be offered real small jobs which we will check thoroughly and provide you feedback. You will need to learn from the feedback and to apply it to your next jobs. If the feedback is not applied in the second/third job, you will be DISQUALIFIED.

Only those candidates who meet the above expectations/requirements, with the most competitive rates will be contacted.

Please indicate "Translator [or] Editor: [name your language pair + specialization] " in a subject field, and send you application to: marina (DOT) titova [AT] accentpharm [DOT] com (please delete the spaces).

Please, do not send your CV without all the other attachments required!

Hope for fruitful cooperation!

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  2. 5 дней260 ₴
    Yuriy Pyrch
     616  проверен   3  0

    We can help you http://translate.everest-center.com/translation/medical

    Украина Львов | 17 июля 2018 |
  3. 5 дней400 ₴
    Станислав Беликов

    Здравствуйте,готов взяться за работу.Есть международные сертификаты по английскому языку уровня В2 и по немецкому уровня В1.

    Украина Славянск | 17 июля 2018 |
  4. 3 дня2000 ₴
    Дмитрий Батовський

    День добрый переводчик с дипломом и опытом, адрес почты [email protected]

    Украина Херсон | 18 июля 2018 |
  5. 1 день100 ₴
    Алина Шатрова

    Hello! My name is Alina. I'm an interpreter and tutor of foreign languages. I have an experience of work for 7 years. I've worked for the medical and pharmaceutical company for 4 years.
    Also I've got a certificate of Advanced English level. I'm fluent in English and have a good communicative skills.

    You can contact me on Viber/Telegram +380953626590
    or Skype Alinochka0931.

    Waiting for feedback.

    Украина Желтые Воды | 18 июля 2018 |
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    Ольга Добровольская

    Готова обсудить дальнейшее сотрудничество в личной переписке

    Украина Кривой Рог | 20 июля 2018 |
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