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Cold calls in English


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    1 day12 USD

    Hello to you,
    My level of English C2 (is a certificate), and I have an American in the team. She can do this work for you. If you want, you can make sure that she is a carrier of English :) Write to me in personal messages to discuss details
    мой уровень английского C2 (есть сертификат), и у меня в команде американка. Она может сделать эту работу за вас. Если хотите, можете убедиться, что она носитель английского языка :) Пишите мне в личные сообщения для обсуждения деталей

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    1 day5 USD

    Hello to you,
    The English C2
    3 years at the UK Bitcoin company
    with respect
    англійська c2
    працював 3 роки на біткойн-фірму UK
    з повагою

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Start advertising on Instagram for a handbag store.

Good day! Need a targetologist with experience in launching women's handbag stores. Budget for advertising at the start is $300-400 per month. Offer your terms only to those who have actually had experience working with such stores. Thank you.

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Set up targeting for Instagram account.

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Setting up and launching advertising campaigns in the following countries: France, England, Germany, Netherlands, Italy. New brand of passenger transfers. Need a campaign to promote brand awareness and lead generation Target audience: English-speaking, families with children…

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Traffic on Twitter

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Good day. Traffic organization is required on Twitter. Details, budget will be discussed. A person with experience specifically on Twitter is needed.

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We need traffic for links/websites

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Hello As the title said we need traffic for links/websites for online loan offers. We need sales for them. Traffica can be free or paid. If paid you funding the budget. GEO:Ukraine. We need screenshoot of your campaigns

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Twitter Traffic Specialist

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Experienced person needed who has been driving traffic to Twitter. Experience of at least 1 year required. Need to have in-depth knowledge and be an independent worker. Also interested in parsing in Telegram.

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Vitalii Lavryk
Ukraine Dnepr  9  0
Project published
1 year ago