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Current freelance projects in the category Databases

Transfer products from the promo to the WordPress site import file

13 USD

We have many products in stock. We want to upload them to the WordPress site. We will provide an import file from the stock, it needs to be adjusted or uploaded (which is correct?) to the WordPress site. 1. To create new categories 2. Add a product 3. Description of the product…

DatabasesData parsing ∙ 3 proposals

Setting up Roistat + integration with AmoCRM

Hello everyone! I need someone who can set up Roistat integration with AMO CRM. Google and FB are already connected, AMO too, but not all leads come in correctly, there are duplicates and some that are unclear from which channel they came. Please specify the deadlines and…

DatabasesClient management and CRM ∙ 1 proposal

Extract Viber correspondence via Teamviewer

Good day, you need to download Viber correspondence into an Excel table so that it is possible to see from which number the last message was sent. Work only through Teamviewer. Thank you for your attention.

Databases ∙ 2 proposals

Speed up processing work in KUP

There is a "Order Monitor" processing. It hangs very badly when updating data. It is necessary to speed up the processing work.

1CDatabases ∙ 3 proposals

Telegram chatbot

151 USD

A bot is needed for communicating with the client through buttons and providing information about promotions in the group and providing details

DatabasesBot development ∙ 35 proposals

Aleksandr Tsybenko
Ukraine Cherkassy  1  0
Project published
2 years ago