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Новостные статьи по киберспорту

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  1. 103  
    1 day3 USD

    я разбираюсь в кибер спорте особенно в Доте 2 потому как сам иногда поигрываю слежу за всеми новостями

  2. 112    1  0
    1 day8 USD

    Доброго времени суток !
    Заинтересовало Ваше предложение, близко знаком с темой киберспорта, буду рад взяться за Ваш проект.

  3. 514    45  0
    1 day5 USD

    Добрый день! Имею опыт в написании статей по киберспорту - писала про Доту2 и КС.
    Буду рада сотрудничеству)

  4. 248    1  0
    1 day3 USD

    люблю игровую тематику. Писал обзоры на игры, описания. За киберспортом слежу, хорошо знакома тема МОБЫ (ЛоЛ, ХотС) и старкрафта (1, 2).

  5. 165  
    1 day8 USD

    Подробности в лс!

  6. 2451    125  4   1
    1 day8 USD

    Дааа ) Играю еще с 1 доты )
    Разбираюсь кто из про-команд на высоте,да и вообще знаю все новости )

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Help with registration and listing on the French marketplace Cdiscount

50 USD

Assistance is needed in registering and listing products on the French marketplace Cdiscount (via the Octopia platform). We already have an active online store and warehouse in Poland, currently expanding to the French market. Also required: - setting up delivery and payment…

Online stores and e-commerceContent management

Look through 875 YouTube links and mark the parameters

13 USD

There are 875 links to YouTube with documentaries. You need to watch them and check them off. Is there English voiceover in the video (so that it is not German, Russian, Indian, etc., but specifically English). You don't need to watch it completely, just scroll through to…

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Content manager for an electronics online store (CMS Goodshop)

13 USD

Good day, We are looking for a content manager who will regularly help us with filling the product for two small electronics online stores on the Horoshop platform. Scope of work: Need to upload 50-100 new items per month, 5-10 items at a time What we expect from you:…

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Creating video content in HeyGen

Create quality content for social media using the HeyGen service Create a content plan (together with us) and generate high-quality videos and edit them to look like a nice reel

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Filling in products in CRM

We are looking for someone who will fill in our CRM with branded original shoes. In the CRM, you need to add: 1. Product name (you need to take the article, enter it into Google, and add the full model name to the card) 2. 6 photos (taken from our Telegram group) 3. Selling…

Content managementInformation gathering ∙ 28 proposals

Nikita Trubarov
Ukraine Ukraine  6  0  1
Project published
6 years ago