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Перенести WordPress хостинг на Amazon

  1. 1638    75  3   1
    1 day53 USD

    доброго времени суток
    готов приступить сегодня
    настрою сервер и перенесу вам сайт

  2. 1089    29  0
    1 day26 USD

    Здравствуйте. Готов приступить к выполнению вашей задачи. Есть опыт работы с AWS EC2, в настройке и администрировании серверов.

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Transfer a website from Weblium to WordPress, re-design and SEO are not required


The site you need to move from Weblium to WordPress - https://tinkogroup.com/ The website is the same. Some "re-design" does not need to do, it makes us feel if the site will visually be 90% similar to what is now on Weblium The work will be checked by the team who knows about…

Web designWebsite development ∙ 2 proposals

Write Lending from Zero by Example


You need to make a copy of the site with a clean code for further editing and adding products Example: https://24-ua.com/24ua/uk/kitchen-set.html

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Introduction of Customily App to Shopify Store


Good day, We would like to order a review of the Customily app available on Shopify. The task is to explore, master the application and ultimately to train (distance) the software support staff. Please submit offers.

Website developmentWebsite maintenance

It is necessary to develop a simple, convenient landing on the Tild or Good.

105 USD

The goal of creating a banding to test the demand for the 3D printing service.The structure is offered in the form of the names of blocks and content, in addition to photos.-You need to choose a template, place the content including with buttons and information.-Colors…

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite development ∙ 7 proposals

Creating a website under the key


Hello everyone, you need to create a website under the key. It should be a full-fledged online store with connected online payments, deliveries, etc. Early considered the option of creating on the platform well, if there are other proposals we can consider

Website development ∙ 27 proposals

Vitaly Cherevko
Ukraine Kyiv  2  0
Project published
5 years ago
  • Amazon EC2