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Проект уличного бассейна 2,5х4 метра

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Current freelance projects in the category Designing

Development of a modular house concept

Good day! To place an order and calculate at the factory producing modular homes in China, I need to develop a design concept that takes into account all our requirements. It is necessary to create a full technical task and transfer it together with files in the program to the…

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 6 proposals

Visual + plan Bedroom + Wardrobe + Bathroom

Plan + visual Bedroom + wardrobe + bathroom (with shower) - area - 6.5m (wall can move +-) * 4m - window in the room to the floor length (4m)

Designing ∙ 5 proposals

House project

Need to draw a project of a 110 sqm house 1st floor I have a project drawn in a blueprint but it is not enough for construction Need to specify all important dimensions inside, dimensions of facades and windows with doors

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 44 proposals

Production and warehouse building

247 USD

Production and warehouse building with administrative and residential premises, this work should take into account the sketch project of the building with all technical and economic indicators, the final result should be a master plan, floor plans, roof plan, black and white…

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 15 proposals

Sample airplane model

495 USD

We need to find a person who is knowledgeable in aviation modeling. Ideally, the person will be in Odessa and will have the opportunity to assemble the sample on order. If a person understands aircraft modeling well but does not have the opportunity to assemble, it is also good,…

Designing ∙ 5 proposals

Aleksandr Leonov
United States United States  21  0  1
Project published
2 years ago