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Программист Python [пару дней в неделю]

183 USD

  1. 4526
     42  0

    12 days301 USD

    готов сотрудничать. уверенный мидл. обращайтесь, начнем работу.

  2. 168  
    7 days171 USD

    Бесплатно поработаю в команде в обмен на опыт в таких проектах. Ищу примеры применения пайтона для малой академии для учащегося.

  3. 1825    26  1   1
    1 day183 USD

    Можем работать по часовому рейту, стек описан в профиле, обычно для spa использую django(drf) + angular

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Create a parser

A parser is needed that will parse data on current tenders information from these sites https://zakup.sk.kz/ https://goszakup.gov.kz/ https://reestr.nadloc.kz/ru/tender/list https://eep.mitwork.kz/ru/ and load it onto our server in the form of excel, csv, or any other format

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Collecting data on leafy salads: Germany

171 USD

Task: Collecting data on production, consumption, and trade of leaf lettuce in Germany Collecting and analyzing data, specifying sources Filling in a table with data, including key market indicators for leaf lettuce. Identifying key trends and factors influencing supply and…

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Website redesign (design + all logic)

658 USD

Good day, I order a complete copy of the website (all logistics, full design, and widgets from CoinMarketCap and TradingView need to be included) Here is the website that needs to be completely copied https://coinhem.com/

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Transfer website to hosting in Ukraine

37 USD

The website https://zernozdorovi.itmed.org/ is a catalog-showcase of products The platform on which the site is currently located will be reconstructed, so we are looking for opportunities to transfer it to a new hosting. The platform owners will provide technical assistance for…

PHPDatabases ∙ 16 proposals

Need to create a referral system based on promo codes

37 USD

Generating Invite Code: When a new user opens the application, a unique invite code is automatically generated for them. This code is linked to their unique identifier (user_id). To generate the invite code, a random algorithm is used, ensuring the uniqueness of the code.…

DatabasesWeb programming ∙ 7 proposals

Pavel Silber
Ukraine Kyiv  11  0  1
Project published
5 years ago
  • python developer