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500 USD

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  • Ahmad Rifai Rifai
    7 March, 4:25 |

    Selamat pagi

    saya ahmad rifai jika anda keluhan anda saya siap membantu anda

    Terima kasih

Current freelance projects in the category Business consulting

Management Accounting / Finance for Clothing Brand

Need to set up financial management accounting for the ethnic clothing brand https://dnk-natsii.com/ 1. Calculate the cost price clearly 2. Compile P&L 3. Compile Financial model 4. Optimize expenses 5. Provide a clear understanding of how much we earned net and how much we…

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 11 proposals

Consultation of an individual entrepreneur of the 3rd group in the field of logistics

13 USD

Consultation is needed on the 3rd group of individual entrepreneurs in the field of logistics, transportation, and cargo transportation. The consultation is related to questions regarding taxes, invoices, acts, contracts. I will send details and examples of questions to the…

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 9 proposals

Business plan for creating a design bureau for the production of UAVs

201 USD

We are looking for an experienced specialist to develop a detailed business plan for a company that will be engaged in the assembly of unmanned aerial vehicles and the establishment of a design bureau (two areas of activity). This project requires a deep understanding of the…

Business consulting ∙ 2 proposals

Taxes in the USA

Looking for an experienced financial consultant, specialized in tax optimization in the USA for businesses. Need to organize and pay taxes for the year 2023. Please send your resume and information about your expertise in this field. Ready to discuss details and terms of…

Business consultingAccounting services ∙ 2 proposals

Setting up financial management in the company.

25 USD

Currently, we are tracking expenses and income in Finmap. However, it is difficult to understand where the company is heading and how to best spend money. We have a cleaning company, expenses depend on the number of orders, but there are also fixed costs. It is necessary to set…

Business consultingAccounting services ∙ 12 proposals

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2 months 27 days ago