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The first FPV collection

Translated52 USD

Current freelance projects in the category Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Scheme/Chart of Bluetooth devices

434 USD

I'm looking for a product/mechanical engineer for a small study of the device - a confidential speech mask that absorbs up to 80% of the voice of its carrier, making it unheard to others, strengthens it if the carrier speaks quietly, removes external noise. It is necessary to…

Embedded systems and microcontrollersDrawings and diagrams ∙ 1 proposal

Development / development of keyboard

39 USD

Develop or upgrade the keyboard with the possibility of scripting, changing the timing. HTTPS://ibb.co/kBBy5Nw

Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Allegro Schematic and High Speed Layout

520 USD

There are tasks, schemes with a list of components, you will need to dissolve it in Allegro. Also the finished payments are disclosed with errors and they will need to be corrected.

Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Writing a program to the manufacturing machine

390 USD

You need to write the program to PLK 160 OVEN. The post is ready, you need to write the program so that it is automated. Technical tasks can be arranged according to the need. In the insert a short description which should be the machine's work process.

EngineeringEmbedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 2 proposals

Construction of the economic system in the program


Hello to you! I am looking for experts - partners who know how to control and build the economic system. There is an opportunity to get profits from the project. This project is a program and a website linked to the film industry. Experience in this field, or the music industry…

Embedded systems and microcontrollersSoftware protection and security

Dmitro M
Ukraine Kyiv
Project published
5 months 13 days ago