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Социологический опрос

156 USD

The client does not want to make a prepayment? Payment via Safe help avoid possible fraud.
  1. 11266
     465  2

    1 day156 USD

    Доброе утро, Артем. Понравился Ваш проект. Пунктуальность, грамотность, соблюдение дедлайна.

  2. 7128
     341  0

    1 day156 USD

    Здравствуйте, Артём! У меня большой опыт проведения подобных исследований (см моё портфолио). Пожалуйста, обращайтесь - буду рада сотрудничеству!

  3. 118    1  0
    1 day156 USD

    Заинтересована в вашем предложении.
    Можно подробнее?

  4. 416    13  1
    1 day156 USD

    Здравствуйте.Есть опыт работы в проведении соцопросов на разные темы.Готова взяться за Ваш проект.Подробности,пожалуйста, в личные сообщения или на почту [email protected]

  5. 376    6  0
    3 days156 USD

    Есть опыт проведения. Готов рассмотреть ваше предложение.

  6. 322    4  0
    7 days300 USD

    Здравствуйте, могу Вам все организовать, давайте обсудим детали и нюансы в личной переписке.

  7. 182    3  0
    1 day156 USD

    Напишите подробности в ЛС.

  • Margarita Smugly
    21 October 2015, 14:26 |

    в каких городах? лично или по телефону? тематика опроса?

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Market analysis and telegram channel consultation


There is a small startup, telegram channel, you need to do a market analysis, about the idea’s own implementation. As far as it will be relevant, it will be possible to sell this product, which is better to use IP advertising. Promotion is not needed.

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I am looking for a mobile application marketing manager (Startup)


I'm looking for a person who will qualityly give concrete and literal recommendations on the further advancement of the mobile application, only the application is related to gambling.And also in the hope of working on a permanent basis.

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Proposals and loyalty programmes


It is necessary to create a loyalty program concept for permanent customers. The goal is to increase the percentage of returning customers. Formation of the concept of action proposals (5 shares) E-Commerce, Military Theme

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You need a talented freelancer, you need a business plan!


We are an innovative company looking for an experienced and creative freelancer with proven experience in writing successful business plans. Goal: to develop a comprehensive and accurate business plan that describes our vision, goals, strategies, market and competition analysis,…

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Creating and managing a store/profile

26 USD

We need a professional with 3+ years experience. The amount indicated for the first detailed consultation with the orientation for permanent cooperation The own manufacturing (Hand made products from metal)

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Project published
8 years ago