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Square Appointments Expert Wanted


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    3 days78 USD

    Welcome to. I think it can make it easier, but I need to look at it first. Ready to help. I will be happy to cooperate.
    Вітаю. Думаю можна полегшити але всеодно спрчатку треба дивитися. Готовий допомогти. Буду радий співпраці.

  • Serhii Nikonov
    6 December 2023, 17:41 |

    Доброго дня


    За посиланням я не бачу проблем. Чи ви використовуєте обрізану версію?

    С повагою, Сергій.

  • Maksym Hora
    6 December 2023, 19:50 |

    Доброго дня, напишіть будь ласка в T г  OrestAndrusyshyn за цим проектом

  • Serhii Nikonov
    6 December 2023, 20:49 |

    тєлега не здатна на мій німецький номер СМС надіслати. я чекав майже годину.

    пошта? whatsapp? skype?

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Programming of work with projects.


There is a program (written to the website, working) you need to work up. Based on work with a database. Projects of Real Estate. On the basis of this, many additions need to be made. such as the creation of a discount, the automatic completion of contracts, etc. The program is…

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Change the password of the site

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You need to enter the host and change the password, you can do it through the file manager or through the database, the site is protected and with every password change it does not change, you need an experienced expert.

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Automatization of the report using Power BI

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It is necessary to automatize the report in PDF format using Power BI. Import the data from the Google Table. Realizing the drawings of the data from the PN-SR to Thursday.

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Rewrite the program code to Java

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You need to change the code, take the copyright everywhere they are indicated, make the project "under yourself". I will tell you more in pp.

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Add the settings to ntile.app (for synchronization with the Root)


In 2019 we created a website. The “Distributors” are those who have fled. Now there is a download ( from the toorgsoft to the site), but it’s not clear how it works (on the side of the ntile.app platform). You need to make or the possibility of generating xml with fields and…

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Project published
2 months 22 days ago