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Translated3000 UAH

Client's feedback on cooperation with Nazarii N.


In principle, the project was completed. Nazar is thinking in his fields, but there is something to do:

We need more communication with the customer at the stage of the agreement of the project. You don’t have to put before the fact that something is impossible to do after you have chosen an executive. When this could be said at the stage of agreement.
You don’t have to write that any task is ready, without checking it on your own. Once it is once, it is possible to be a coincidence. When this is a few times, it is an unseen feeling. They are trying to put you into the fool.
Feeling a testman, obvious moments needed to be checked and sent to work.

Will I work with Nazareth? I think yes.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Vasily Dmitriyev

Task formulation

In general, everything went great, unfortunately they couldn’t the desired result in the optimization of the site, as the site was blinded on 3 designers.
I can recommend the customer =)

Nazarii N. | Safe Safe

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    Winning proposal2 days3000 UAH

    Good day, ready to implement your project.
    I will act right now.
    Добрый день,готов выполнить ваш проект.
    Приступлю сейчас.

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  8. Aleksandr Krikun Магазин Готовых сайтов Top-Bit
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    1 day3000 UAH

    I have performed these tasks repeatedly. There are cases with the indicators of 90+. I approach each individual project. Experience more than 10 years. I give additional recommendations. There are many reviews on the same task in the profile.
    Выполнял подобные задачи неоднократно. есть кейсы с показателями 90+. Индивидуально подхожу к каждому отдельному проекту. Опыт более 10 лет. Дам дополнительные рекомендации. Есть много отзывов по такой же задаче в профиле.

Vasily Dmitriyev
Ukraine Kyiv  4  0
Project published
2 months 2 days ago