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Starting traffic channels and setting analytics for studio and massage

Translated216 USD

Current freelance projects in the category Lead generation and sales

Make a Viber or Tg mass discharge

52 USD

You need to make a mass dish, in any way, but desirable in the messenger. There is a customer base with phone numbers that have contacted us for two years (we are a legal company) We must inform everyone about the action. Offer your prices.

Email marketingLead generation and sales ∙ 1 proposal

Completion and updating of electronic goods on marketplaces


We need help with the filling and updating of our products (3D models) on foreign marketplaces. It is also necessary to conduct an analysis of activity, sales and search for ways of promotion. You will need knowledge of English (mediate level,or a little lower), experience in…

Online stores and e-commerceLead generation and sales

Google Ads for a Small Online Store


The online store of goods for non-government. Advertising is working now. Campaign is the maximum efficiency. You need to either set up an existing one, or create a new one. Maybe not one, but a few. You need an audit to find out what will work better. The budget is minimal,…

Contextual advertisingLead generation and sales ∙ 9 proposals

Advertising in Instagram


Good day . We are looking for a goodwill specialist to set up ads in Instagram. Specialization - Creating websites. The Slavs of the US. The details will be directed. If you have any questions, please also prepare a commercial offer and write if there is experience in these…

Lead generation and salesSocial media advertising ∙ 20 proposals

Find contacts and check the U.S. accelerator start-up


Welcome to! There is a new analytical service for the assessment of startups led by an expert analyst. This is not an automated program, but a service, a service from analytics. There is a clear proposal with a unique approach. For generating leads (customers) you need to…

Email marketingLead generation and sales ∙ 1 proposal

Andrey Rodionov
Latvia Riga  3  0
Project published
2 months 18 days ago