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Zoho CRM

  1. 730    18  5
    10 days40 000 UAH

    Hello. We have an experience of Zoho Products and can support you with maintenance and turnkey integrations of your services .

  2. 1144    7  2
    10 days15 000 UAH


    Thanks for posting this job!

    I will gladly implement Zoho for your company!

    Shortly about why it is worth working with me:
    - Service, eCommerce, manufacture niches experience that I gladly share;
    - Strong goal-oriented thinking and decision-making;
    - 4+ years helping businesses become systemic;
    - Working with EU and US markets;
    - Easy bland into your niche;
    - Tech knowledge and skills;
    - Marketing knowledge.

    My team comprises 11 highly qualified specialists who have implemented over 50 projects with an average NPS level of 9+.

    Invite you to check our portfolio on my account:

    All services that we set up, provide, and develop in CRM/ERP:
    1) Advertising & Communication Channels Connection;
    2)Technical Support, Staff Training & Consulting;
    3) Website Integration.
    4) Analytics and reports;
    5) Payments, Receipts, Invoices;
    6) Custom Development;
    7) Full Data Importing;
    8) Services Integration;
    9) Business-Processes Automation;
    10) CRM-Marketing;
    11) Inventory Set up;
    12) Accounting;
    13) Sales Funnels;
    14) Deals, Leads, Activities;

    So, let's discuss the project in the chat and after that, we will be able to plan a short online meeting to hear all your requirements and to suggest steps for our cooperation.

    I hope for mutually beneficial cooperation!