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Olesya M.

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Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
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Client management and CRM
Online stores and e-commerce 2

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  • 2 USD

    CRM of OneBox

    Client management and CRM
    OneBox is a Ukrainian operating system for business, which consists of hundreds of add-ons.
    System of business management for IT, legal, financial, medical companies, beauty salons, marriage agencies, hotels, educnih installations and many other branches.

    Integration with popular services etc.
    Integrate into the add-on from OneBox available in the company or external services: IP telephony, popular messengers, payment services, online cards, organizers, etc.
    The PC is available for Android and iOS devices, on the cloud and on the local server.
  • 29 USD

    CRM for the online store from Olmonic

    Client management and CRM
    Install CRM for free https://1b.app/ua/solution/onlinestores/
    CRM for online stores is a customer relationship management system that allows you to manage and optimize customer interaction.In online stores, CRMs are used to improve interaction with customers and increase their satisfaction.The main functions of CRM for online stores include:

    Customer data collection and storage: CRM allows you to collect and store information about customers, such as their contact details, purchase history and communication with the store.Customer behavior analysis: CRM analyses data about Customer behavior, such as their preferences, purchase history, and customer base segmentation.Customer Interaction Management: CRM allows you to manage communication with customers through different channels, including e-mail, phone, SMS, social networks and others.Marketing Automation: CRM automates marketing processes, such as sending personalized offers and displays.Sales Management: CRM allows you to manage the sales process, from making an order to its execution and downloading, as well as to manage the return process.Analysis and Reporting: CRM provides analytical tools to analyze customer and sales data and also allows you to generate reports and management panels for decision-making.CRM helps online stores improve efficiency and improve customer interaction, which leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction.
  • 29 USD

    CRM for restaurants and cafes from Olmonic

    Client management and CRM
    Install free https://1b.app/ua/solution/crm-for-restaurant/
    Functional CRM options for restaurants and cafes:

    1 .Order for Officers

    With the CRM systems you can create orders for customers, receive orders from officers and track the process of their execution.You can easily track and manage orders that are in the process of execution.The 2ndCreation of technological maps

    The CRM system can help you create technological maps for dishes that are cooked in your restaurant.This allows you to simplify the process of cooking dishes and ensure their quality.3 .Automatic process of recording, purchase and movement of goods in warehouses

    The CRM system can help automatize the process of recording, purchasing and moving goods through the warehouses.You can track the remains of the goods and know when you need to make a new order.and 4.Automatic Checks for Customers

    The CRM system can automatically issue checks for customers, which allows you to accelerate the service process and reduce the probability of errors.and 5.The Lights

    The CRM system can generate sales reports, warehouses, order execution and other important parameters for your restaurant.These reports can help you make decisions, improve processes and optimize costs.6 .Inventory

    The CRM system can help you carry out inventory of goods in the warehouse.This allows you to determine which goods you need to purchase, and which are already in sufficient amounts.7 .Acceptance of orders for delivery.Customers can place orders for food delivery via the online form, mobile app or by phone.Orders are automatically accessed to the CRM system, which allows you to shorten the time of processing of orders and increase their accuracy.8thRouting of delivery.The system can optimize the delivery routes, taking into account the distance between customers, traffic loads and other factors.This reduces delivery time and improves customer convenience.The 9.Monitoring of delivery status.Customers and restaurant managers can track the delivery status in real time.This enables you to avoid misunderstandings and react timely to changes.The 10.Payment for delivery.Customers can pay for the delivery of food online or cash to the courier.The CRM system can automatically generate payment accounts and track the status of payment.The CRM for restaurants and cafes includes ready-made technology cards for the full-fledged work of a small restaurant, food delivery or cafe.
  • 29 USD

    CRM for metal traders from Olmonic

    Client management and CRM
    Install CRM for free https://1b.app/ua/solution/metaltrader/
    CRM for metal traders is a tool that allows you to automatize the processes of customer relationship management in a company engaged in metal trading.With the CRM for metal traders you can:

    Manage a customer database, store information about contacts, orders, agreements and customer interaction history.Automate the sales process, track the stages of agreements, plan meetings and tasks, monitor the execution of sales plans.Analyze data about customers, agreements and sales, determine the efficiency of sales, identify trends.Improve customer interaction, improve service level, maintain customers and attract new ones.CRM for metal traders is integrated with other tools such as e-mail, telephony, messengers, analytical systems, etc.This enables the creation of a single information system that ensures full control of sales processes and customer relationship management.The built-in metal calculator in the order forming interface
  • 29 USD

    CRM for the beauty salon from Olmonic

    Client management and CRM
    Install CRM for free https://1b.app/ua/solution/beauty/
    CRM for the beauty salon is a system that allows the salon to effectively manage customer relationships and improve quality of service.The main CRM functions for the beauty salon can include:

    Management of the customer database: collection, storage and processing of customer data (contact information, experience, history of visits, etc.).Discount management: customer visits planning, free time slots counting and the possibility of booking services online.Analysis and Reporting: Analysis of Customer and Sales Data for Business Solutions and Improving Service Quality.Marketing tools: the possibility of sending personalized offers and shares to customers, automatic notification of new services and shares.The loyalty system: the accumulation of bonus points for services, discounts and gifts to customers who are constantly visiting the salon.CRM for the beauty salon can help increase the number of visitors, improve the quality of service and increase the saloon revenue.The Internet Store
    The OpenCart
    The development
    The Integration
    The Integrator
  • 29 USD

    CRM for food delivery from Olmonic

    Client management and CRM
    Install CRM for free https://1b.app/ua/solution/food-delivery/
    The CRM for food delivery is a customer relationship management system that is used to improve customer service and improve the efficiency of the food delivery business.The main CRM features for food supply include:

    Customer database management: collection and storage of information about customers, their contact details, order, purchase history, etc.Automation of order processes: the possibility for customers to file orders online, automatic sending notifications about the status of the order, notifications about delivery, etc.Customer loyalty management: loyalty reward system, shares and discounts, new offers and so on.Analysis and reporting: tracking key indicators, such as the number of orders, profitability, customer activity, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, etc.Creation of Calculation Cards.Management of warehouses, control of warehouses.The food delivery CRM helps to manage orders, increase customer satisfaction, improve marketing strategies and increase the profitability of the food delivery business.

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25 January 93 USD
Create a CRM in OneBox


thank you. Great work. Fast and quality. Pre-consultation without extra promises, only what will be in reality. I advise for cooperation.

Marina Gumenyuk | Personal


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