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1с управление посуточной и длительной арендой


  1. 256  
    1 day10 USD

    Я могу создать конфигурацию под Ваши потребности. Стоимость и сроки после обсуждения деталей.

  2. 3235    93  0
    1 day5 USD

    Сообщу стоимость после получения подробного ТЗ. [email protected]

  3. 1 bid hidden
  • Profile deleted
    31 March 2016, 16:40 |

    и на хрена тут 1с ?..

    Тут простой типа црм`ки хватит. Тем более для распределения задач между операторами.... Ну и уборщицами )))

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Synchronization of 1C 8.3 with the site on OpenCart 3.0.2

65 USD

It is necessary to extract goods from 1C - picture, price, availability and items The exchange must take place either through the module or otherwise. The main thing to do automatic renewal every day at 6:00 and 14:00

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Automatization of the disclosure of NP registers in the BAS Accounting


Good morning, you need to automatize the disclosure of new mail registers in 1c Such a plan register https://prnt.sc/-ZeJHTP27LL2 is required to create input payment orders on the date that is indicated in the register https://prnt.sc/KlLoggD0XlEP. The unique identificator is…

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Picture in 1C in the cloud. External Preworking

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You need a specialist who will create a processing that will download the link to the corresponding reference "Save of Additional Information" and its characteristics of a cloud image with an attachment to the owner of the item.A view to the image = the reflection of the image…

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OpenCart 3 - 1C 7.7

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OpenCart 3 - 1C 7.7 Required synchronization with the full version of OpenCart. As far as I know it is problematic, write who has synchronization experience or who is confident in their strengths.

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Bases of Accounting 1.2

23 USD

Good time ! For the base is necessary: To make synchronization with the Customer Bank (which) formats Synchronization with Medoc Make a bet on 14% of it as possible so that it could be changed painlessly.

1C ∙ 5 proposals

Sergey Barkar
Ukraine Odessa  3  1
Project published
7 years ago