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Актуальная База СТО Киева


  1. 1108    51  0   1
    1 day8 USD

    Есть база СТО по Украине, могу сделать выборку по Киеву.
    Подробнее - в личных сообщениях.

  2. 1036    44  0
    1 day8 USD

    Есть такая база.
    Старая без фильтров - 300 грн.
    Новая с фильтрами - 1000 грн.

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Creating a CRM system module for the real estate agency website


We are the property agency TopRealtor, we have a website that works on the ModX system. We want to add the CRM module, as well as make changes to the operating system of administrators (create user hierarchy). I’ve increasingly more than detailed in TZ, added visualizations and…

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Collecting information from the site


You need to collect the company data on this website https://www.yellowpages.pl/adres There’s a limit to 20 pages (I don’t know how to get over it) I look forward to your proposals.

DatabasesData parsing ∙ 3 proposals


13 USD

Good day to all! It is necessary to sparsize the pizzas (categories. The name. and characteristics. The description. All photos and not one. price etc.) + remove the folds from the copied description. site donor https://cybex.kiev.ua/ to download to the online store on the…

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The Internet store of spare parts with the integrated base Tecdoc


Functional intranet store on open card 3 with the base of textiles, the advantage is given to the team that already has a direction in this direction, the details of the project in the messages to candidates.

PHPDatabases ∙ 6 proposals

Magento 2 – DB optimization (10 million SKU)


Currently, the trade has 7 million SKUs. But we will add more. What are the problems now: Reindex has fallen into some endless cycle and it can’t end. Make fast charging of all goods (RSS Feed, xml) - once a week at least you need to do this. In the course of the work, we will…

DatabasesWeb programming ∙ 3 proposals

Leonid Rubets AUTOPARTS
Ukraine Kyiv  3  0
Project published
2 years ago