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    1 day20 USD

    Good morning, I seem to have found my phone number. I will put the price at $20 because the service does not allow below the price.
    Добрый день, я кажется нашел номер телефона. Ставлю цену в 20 долларов потому что сервис не разрешает ниже цену.

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Current freelance projects in the category Data processing

Generate text into sound

Text generation by sound of 150 articles (first 150 words) Find a suitable Hebrew service Save mp3 files in Google Drive folder + rename according to keyword Upload to SoundCloud Add link to spreadsheet

Data processingTranscribing ∙ 1 proposal

Import/export data via XML link in Google Sheets

13 USD

Setting up data import/export with automatic updates via XML link into separate tabs of a Google Sheet is required. The setup should allow for copying the tabs with configured import into another (main) Google Sheet in the future. The price indicated is approximate, to be…

Online stores and e-commerceData processing ∙ 5 proposals

Integration clickflare

63 USD

You need to set up the tracker https://app.clickflare.io/ with the provider. All accesses are available. Just need to configure. ( search arbitration )

Data processing

Training on working with API and Webhook

A mentor is needed for training on working with API and Webhook. The format and training model are discussed additionally. Transferring data between sites, CRM, from xml files to update information on a personal website.

TuitionData processing ∙ 1 proposal

Set up Google Sheets/Airtable

There are 2 columns, 1 - with status, and the 2nd contains about 100 products The task is to make it possible to fill exactly 100 products in 100 rows in the 2nd column and link the 1st column with the 2nd in such a way that when the status changes in the 1st column from…

Software and server configurationData processing ∙ 3 proposals

Moisei Gherasim
Moldova Kishinev  6  0
Project published
1 month 26 days ago