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Writing integration by API, you need to connect Alegro with KEY CRM


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    3 days53 USD

    Good day
    Interested in your project
    Prepared to integrate Alegro and KeyCRM with the help of make
    Добрый день
    Заинтересовал Ваш проект
    готов сделать интеграцию Alegro и KeyCRM c помощью make

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number of orders. Creation and control of performance.


The company is developing:Sales services own subsidiaries, network of dealerwork with the customer through orderEvery order has its own folder in which the order itself and other files related to this orderFor the organization of work there are a few tables of files…

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Filtering documents in Excel


There are 3 lists with Yosemite. You need to remove from the 1st list all the usernames that are not in 2m or 3m. That is, if in 2m or 3m there is such a user, it is not necessary to remove it from the 1st list.

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Financial Analysis / Financial Analysis


I am looking for a younger trader, an analyst in the company. Knowledge of English B2+ free possession and communication, will be calls with the team in English. Examples of bags: tracking the portfolio in Koyfin, popularization of the table. Desirable: at least a minimum…

Data processingInformation gathering

Integration and import of data in Keycrm


Good evening . I decided to move from 1c to Keycrm. You need a specialist who will help transfer all the data from 1c (bas) to the krm system, to set off-line shopping points, warehouses, integrations through the checkbox, to set unified items to synchronize residues and online…

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Charge of goods on Prom

26 USD

Good time of day. You need a responsible executive to load goods on the market plays. Payment by volume. For example, you need 150 positions to download from Instagram to Prom.

Content managementData processing ∙ 16 proposals

Daniil Gladky
Ukraine Dnepr  3  0
Project published
3 months 9 days ago