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C Developer


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    1 day210 USD

    Ready to implement this project. There is a great experience of developing a variety of types on s/s++.
    Готов выполнить данный проект. Есть большой опыт разработки различного рода по на с/с++.

  • Pavel Shtemenko
    28 November 2023, 16:20 |

    Здравствуйте, у вас отключена личка.  Старый C знаю досконально. С новыми типа C77 могут быть проблемы ибо я его уже от начинающего C++ не отличаю.

  • Sfinx N
    28 November 2023, 16:53 |

    напишите в личку подробно что за программа/доработки

  • Roman V.
    1 December 2023, 16:14 |

    Опишите подробнее техническое задание.

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You need to make a runner on the PC that will download the games GTA San Andreas and SAMP and install them. We will check the customer’s updates. On the main screen will be the "play" buttons, information about the server (IP, name), information about the file status (whether…

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Configuration of the programming environment and extension nRF52840

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Set a programming environment for nRF52840 (SEGGER Embedded Studio or Arm KEIL Studio Cloud or VS Code, at the executive choice) and request a project that sends data from the ACP via Bluetooth UART. The prototype device and the basic code are ready. The result of the project…

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Website of clothing shop

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You need to make a simple WordPress site following a template with a figure. I will write the details in ls. Term 1 day

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ExpressLRS: Adaptive frequency and channel extension

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Project: Implementation of functional frequency change and channel extension in the ExpressLRS data transmission system The goal of the project is to develop and integrate the possibility of automatic change of data transmission frequency and channel extension to the ExpressLRS…

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Implementation of changes to the core Chromium (C++)


A person is needed to make changes to the core of Chromium. One of these changes is the addition of WebRTC through the UDP proxy. We are looking for a person who has experience working with the source code of the chromium. A more detailed description of the tasks will be…

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Ukraine Work NV-Dev
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