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Vector seamless graphics for fabric print

800 UAH

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Client's feedback on cooperation with Yuliia Danchuk


Yuliia drew us a sketch even before we reserved the money for her, so we could see what are we getting into. She was okay with all the adjustments we needed her to do and was totally okay with all our terms. It was great and easy working with her. She was willing to make us two sketches and wait for our decision about them. I recommend working with her.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Nikoleta Sabolova

Task formulation

Було дуже приємно працювати з Ніколетою!
Завдання поставлено чітко, детально описано, точно знає що саме їй потрібно.
Терміни виконання поставлені більш ніж коректно)
Ввічлива в спілкуванні.
З задоволенням ще працюватиму з цим замовником)

Yuliia Danchuk | Safe Safe

  1. 364    4  0
    Winning proposal5 days800 UAH

    Hello! You can see examples of my work at the link https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Yuliia+Lestes/sets/78682846?page=6

  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
  3. proposal concealed by freelancer
  1. 2516    51  0
    4 days2000 RUB

    Здравствуйте. Вложу свои профессиональные навыки в ваш проект. Работаю для портфолио
    Прошу оценить портфель. Freelancehunt
    Пишите в ЛС.

  2. 3156    42  0
    3 days800 UAH

    Добрый день. С удовольствием возьмусь за выполнение проекта. Пишите, буду рада сотрудничеству)

  3. 639    4  0
    2 days500 UAH

    Your task is clear.
    I can complete your project in 2 day, one print will cost UAH 500 ($ 17.95).

  4. 679    6  0
    2 days500 UAH

    Hi, Nikoleta!
    I'm interested in your offer.I have experience in similar styles of illustrating, so I can help you with this project. You can see my portfolio by the link Freelancehunt

    I can create the similar illustration to that one in your example in 2 days including your corrections. Price for 1 illustration is 500 UAH

    I'll be glad to cooperate with you!)

  5. 938    18  0
    4 days600 UAH

    Hello! I like to draw different vector seamless graphics. My portfolio - Freelancehunt I will be very glad to work with you.

  6. 574    3  0
    2 days400 UAH

    Interested in your project)
    I will prepare a print for two days.
    The price of this option is UAH 400
    I will be glad to cooperate
    My portfolio Freelancehunt

  7. 585    3  0
    1 day400 UAH

    Good day!
    I create both raster and vector patterns in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. Please write, I will send my work to direct.

  8. 627    22  0
    3 days400 UAH

    Hello! I'm vector illustrator. Sometimes I'm making seamless patterns for Schutterstock. Some vorks you can see in my portfolio. Also I can send you more works to email.

  9. proposal concealed by freelancer
  10. 4236    97  1   2
    3 days1337 UAH

    Добрый день,
    примеры моих работ есть в профиле, рисую Freelancehunt#&gid=271975&pid=152
    Детали по проекту обсудим в личной переписке, пишите.

  11. 916    40  0
    2 days500 UAH

    Здравствуйте. Создаю бесшовные паттерны. Есть более 300 узоров уже созданных разных тематик. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/INEY/sets/55604053
    обязательно обращайтесь -буду рада сотрудничеству.

  12. 2002    111  8   1
    4 days500 UAH

    Hi there. Very interested in your project!
    Ready to complete the task.
    Contact us.

  13. 467    6  0
    2 days600 UAH

    Ready to complete your task. I would like to know more about the topic of the print.
    I will do it in 2 days, the price is UAH 600.
    Write in a personal message! I will be happy to work with you!

  14. proposal concealed by freelancer
  15. 2864    88  1
    3 days1000 UAH

    Hello, Nikoleta!
    Your project is interesting, I will take into account all the wishes, I will make the necessary changes)
    the pattern will be UAH 500-1500 (depending on the complexity)
    2-4 days
    portfolio - Freelancehunt
    the second - Behance
    Write, I will be glad to cooperate!

  16. 2663    95  0   3
    3 days800 UAH

    Good day!)
    I am a vector and raster artist with a large portfolio.
    Also a polygrapher by profession, so I will prepare a high-quality layout for printing on fabric!

    Write in private, I'll show examples of sozh patterns!)

  17. 1672    22  0
    2 days450 UAH

    Your project is interesting)
    I will do it in 2 days, the price is UAH 450.
    I will be glad to cooperate
    My portfolio Behance

  18. 7074    262  0
    3 days600 UAH

    Добрый день. Заинтересовал Ваш проект. Портфолио: Freelancehunt

  19. 210  
    2 days800 UAH

    Can we add some anime style? this is very popular at the moment .. write how you view this option - and I will send an example

  20. 371    2  0
    2 days400 UAH

    Hi, Nicoleta! I work with vector graphics in the Corel DRAW. The portfolio contains examples of work. In the style you showed, I could also draw prints. I have experience in the field of clothing design, for this reason, your project is especially interesting to me. The price is indicated for one illustration - 400 UAH. Term of completion - 2 days, including with the edits. I will be glad to cooperate!

  21. 221    2  0
    1 day200 UAH


    I'm a high experienced illustrator.
    Here you can check my portfolio Behance
    Such pattern I can make for you in one day or even faster.
    One patternt will cost 30$

    Please, contact me if interested.

  22. 79  
    4 days1000 RUB

    Good day. I was interested in your project. I work in Illustrator. The cost of 1 pattern = 1000 rub ($ 14). The price may vary, depending on the complexity. Examples of works can be found in my profile.

  23. 203    1  0
    3 days750 UAH

    Hi there!
    I am an artist who specializes in creating seamless patterns. I have extensive experience and an interesting portfolio.
    Here is my portfolio Behance

  24. 247  
    2 days400 UAH

    Good day !
    I do graphic design not a long time, but I already have a decent portfolio and work well in graphic editors. In addition, I study at the computer academy in the course of graphic design, already in the 3rd year. I will be happy to help you and do the job with dignity (and you help me at the start of my freelance😉) .
    I look forward to your confirmation!