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  • 635 USD

    A series of letters for the project vectormoversnj.com

    Email marketing
    A set of work on optimization of email addresses for the project vectormoversnj.com (transit organization service in New Jersey, USA) has been completed:
    1 . Post domain and mail service MailerLite
    2nd Validation of the existing mail base and transfer to the mail service.
    Three Creating a series of reactivation letters on the basis: text in English, unique design, adaptive edge, testing.
    4 . Submission of reactivation letters on the base
    and 5. Create and set up an automatic welcome series of letters after the application is left on the site

    The result: the automatic series of letters works with high scores: OpenRate 64,5% ClickRate 22.6%.
  • Shopify & Klaviyo Ecommerce

    Email marketing
    The online store in the U.S. for sale of natural, delicious icarus and fish on #Shopify in connection with #Klaviyo.

    Three trigger chains are developed:
    The Welcome Series
    - Abandon Cart Flow (Email + SMS)
    The Cross Sell Flow

    What was done:
    1 . Integration of Shopify and Keyboard
    2nd Development of templates of emails for autocetches (5 pieces.): copywriting in English, unique design in corporate style, adaptive HTML edge
    Three Developing and setting SMS for the abandoned basket
    4 . Loading and setting letters in the keyboard
    and 5. Settings of the sending scenarios of trigger chains
    6 . Testing all letters and trigger work
    7 . They transferred the base from Shopifai with all the dops. The fields
    8 . Create letters for regular mailing
    The 9. Create the mail address of the sender
    The 10. Connected Postmaster to Spam Monitoring
    11 of 11. Heating the domain for the best delivery
  • Online Exotic Greeting Services

    Email marketing
    1 . Technical part: settings of the mail account, domain authentication (DNS records DKIM, SPF, DMARC), subcl. Postmaster for spam control
    2nd To verify, import the base from dop. The fields
    Three Writing: text, unique design, adaptive HTML layer
    4 . Download, setting, testing of the letter
    and 5. Transfer by base (+ heating) First launch) in 2 languages
    6 . Message Analysis, Optimization
    7 . Shopify Store Automation Settings: Wraped Box, Thanks for the purchase, Order Completed
  • eCommerce store of jewellery from Germany

    Email marketing
    What was needed to do and what problems had the customer:
    1 . Transfer to the new service
    2nd Configuration of infrastructure (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
    Three Validation of the contact base
    4 . Importing email addresses from DOP. fields for personalization and segmentation
    and 5. Create a letter: copy, individual design, adaptive HTML edge
    6 . Download, set up a letter, perform testing
    7 . IP address and domain heating
    8 . Remove messages from spam
    The 9. Settings postmaster, FBL reports, your tracking domain

    The Problems:
    1 . All posts on El. GMX Mail and Web.de emails were spam, Gmail partly spam
    2nd Since the date of the last post, more than three months have passed.
    Three Open Rate was Less than 10%
    4 . Never held a “hygiene” base.

    After heating, they received an average Open Rate of 20.9%, which is 2.5 times better than the previous.
  • Online Chip-Tuning Training Course Mods

    Email marketing
    What was required to do:
    1 . Selection and configuration of the mail service
    2nd Postmaster settings, FBL reports for spam control
    Three Validation of email addresses
    4 . Import and segmentation of the base
    and 5. Creation of the Seller's Promotion After Registration
    6 . Integration of CMS and ESP
    7 . Implementation of automation
    8 . Posts Tagged ‘Black Friday’
    The 9. Heating on the base

    What is the result in 2 weeks:
    - Sale of 12 training packages with an average check of 250EUR
    - The average opening of mailing: 17.8%
  • Certificate of Expert in Marketing Automation

    Email marketing
    Learning Module 1: Introduction to Marketing Automation
    Marketing Automation: Definition and Task
    Experience with Marketing Automation: Project Planning
    Types of automated processes
    Consumer Impulse Curve: How to Cause Pregust in the Customer
    The consumer impulse curve: the maximum extension of the first part of the consumer's life cycle - the so-called "Honeymoon"
    Consumer Impulse Curve: How to Keep Inspiration

    Learning Module 2: Marketing Automation Strategy
    Starting the first marketing automation project
    Definition of the PCE Automation Marketing
    Assessment and control of marketing automation success
    Planning of a tag and score strategy
    Segmentation of the contact base by means of marketing automation

    Teaching Module 3: Examples of Use
    How to make a good first impression with a welcome letter
    Forming customer loyalty by personalizing interactions
    Reactivation Campaigns: How to Return Lost Sales With Marketing Automation
    Automation of campaign promotions
    Online courses in the form of emails

    Teaching Module 4: Electronic Commerce
    How Companies Use Marketing Automation in E-Commerce
    Remembrance of abandoned baskets
    Communication after the purchase
    How to track the customer’s actions on your site and respond to them

    Teaching Module 5: Advanced Themes
    Integration of automation into a marketing strategy
    Combination of marketing and sales with marketing automation

    Product Exam
    Received 27 / 28 (96%)
  • Certificate of official Unisender partner

    Email marketing
    Course No. 1 - Unisender Partners - Training Course:
    The lesson 0.Work in the partner’s personal office
    The lesson 1.How to register with Unisender
    The lesson 2.How to Download a Base in Unisender
    The lesson 3.How to Create and Send a Message to Unisender
    The lesson 4.How to set up an automatic message in Unisender
    The lesson 5.How to perform A/B split testing in Unisender
    The lesson 6.What indicators should be considered
    The lesson 7.How to Create Subscribe Forms in Unisender
    The lesson 8.How to Personalize Letters in Unisender
    The lesson 9.How to congratulate customers on their birthday automatically in Unisender
    The lesson 10.passing the test.Results: 18 points out of 18

    Course No. 2 - Useful materials for partners:
    1 .How to build personalized marketing
    2ndHow to automatize email marketing in an online store with CRM means?ThreeE-mail marketing: how to sell in digital?4 .Alternative methods of collecting the base: what is it?and 5.What do you need to do so that your customers will contact you again and again?6 .Audit of email marketing.How to find an elephant in the seed?7 .When you are replaced by automation
    8 .How to Form a Commercial Email Marketing Offer?The 9.How to set out the thrown baskets in UniSender (UniBase) ?
  • Recovery of mailing for the advertising agency GWM

    Email marketing
    The customer came with a request to set the mail from zero.Before that there was a negative experience, which caused problems with the domain reputation and delivery (blocking, spam).A lot of attention was paid to the selection of a new mailing service, the setup of the technical part (DKIM, SPF, DMARC), the monitoring of spam and domain reputation (Postmaster, FBL).An important part of the project was the development of an email marketing strategy.A client route map for new subscribers (CJM) has been developed, as well as the process of reactivating the existing base.The base was validated (ZeroBounce).After that, the subscribers imported to the service messages with all dops.fields for subsequent segmentation and personalization.For the reactivation, a template of letter with call to action (CTA) was developed to sign up for a consultation with the manager.Copywrited, developed a unique corporate design, adaptive HTML edge.Three variants of the dynamic master template are also developed.This master template includes all the necessary blocks under any type of mailing.This significantly accelerates and simplifies the process of developing letters for all chains in the strategy and further regular broadcasts.After downloading, setting and testing the letters started a heating.They sent the letter in small segments, starting with a few hundred with a daily increase in volume.At the first time there were problems with delivery.We saw it quickly and made corrections.It was necessary to connect the technical support of the mailing service to the solution of the issue.Three weeks after the start of the work we received an average opening rate of 33.75% on the basis of more than 20,000 subscribers.This is how the first stage of the work was completed.The customer’s further objectives are the full implementation of a strategy that includes automatic chains.
  • Developing a strategy for the job search service and employees

    Email marketing
    What has been done:
    Identified problems and demands of applicants and employers
    The possibilities of the portal
    The “heating” strategy and involvement
    - Mechanics of trigger series prescribed depending on the behavior of subscribers
  • Templates of letters for emails

    Email marketing
    I worked with creating a design and HTML layer of e-mail templates.
    Some designs are created in the form of a multi-layer PSD file, while others are in Figma.

    E-mail template development is an integral part of the success of e-mail if it is carried out in accordance with best practices. The main thing is to the perfect balance between comfort and impressive design.

    The picture shows samples of e-mail design work based on real projects that were performed for customers.

    The HTML code is fully responsive.
    Preview of e-mails on mobile devices, desktop computers and tablets with e-mail on Acid;
    coding according to the latest industry standards, valid and clean HTML code;
    Check for spam using Mail-Tester.
  • Letter to the Black Friday, $67,000

    Email marketing
    What was done:
    The target audience has been studied and the competitors have been analyzed.
    Differentiated proposals for different groups of target audience.
    The audience was “heated” by preliminary messages.
    A “happy” design of the letter.

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 10

15 November 68 USD
Posts to Getsemani


Everything is done normally in time, you can use the services by email. We worked on getresponse.

30 August 635 USD
Configuration of email address


Work done in time and in accordance with the contract

3 August 562 USD
Email Marketing Strategy for the Internet Store


I recommend cooperation. All tasks are done in advance, with high quality. I also have a comfortable communication.

9 February 55 USD
E-mail Marketing Consulting


Everyone quickly explained and explained. Do you have distorted recommendations on the proper management of the company, which need to be corrected and added.

6 February 269 USD
Email Marketing


The work was done, some misunderstandings arose, but they were able to find a compromise with Alexander and complete the project. satisfied with the work done

25 December 2022 49 USD
Email Marketing


Everything is fine, the task is done.

25 November 2022 294 USD
Automatization of e-mail marketing


All superb, excellent communication and professionally and quickly

21 November 2022 521 USD
Set the service for mailing, send the email address


The task "to send a mail and not get into spam on problematic domains" is done perfectly! The technical base was well prepared for sending, and during the entire project recommendations were given to improve the general system and sending strategy. Alexander explains everything very in detail, always in contact, all terms and conditions are met. We will definitely go to the future! Thank you !

28 October 2022 1498 USD
Developing a Strategy in Email Marketing


The work is done quality and quickly.
Excellent communication .

19 October 2022 50 USD
The GWM Platform


Very satisfied with the quality of the work done.


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