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The development of VPN


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Current freelance projects in the category C and C++

Using CPP language to create an emulator for working with disk arrays

253 USD

Using C++, you need to create an emulator for working with disk arrays (when several physical disks are combined into one logical disk. According to different settings, this approach adds either reliability or speed to the entire system). You should not work with the actual…

C and C++ ∙ 3 proposals

Machine vision for FPV drones - Airplanes

1717 USD

Machine vision for FPV drones - Aircraft Develop a machine vision for UAVs Review of neural networks and analysis of ways to apply them for implementing computer vision. Building a computer vision software module with object recognition capabilities. Building an application that…

C and C++Python ∙ 8 proposals

Computer vision project

114 USD

= Blackjack Card Recognizer = Train a CV model to recognize in real-time from a video stream (acceptable delay up to 3 seconds) each card that appears on the table. Important Feature #1: It is necessary to separate game rounds, meaning we must accurately understand when a new…

C and C++Machine learning ∙ 1 proposal

Writing drivers for the camera for CoM Jetson

It is necessary to write drivers for two cameras (CMOS digital image sensor) for a custom carrier board working with NVIDIA Jetson NX. Stack: Linux, C. The project work is in the office (Kyiv), as we have a lot of our "hardware" that we cannot hand out for remote work. Please…

C and C++Application programming ∙ 1 proposal

Implement additional functionality in QT

There is a ready project in qt that displays the schedule of classes for students, it is necessary to add functionality for teachers so that a teacher can sort by groups, disciplines, courses.

C and C++Application programming ∙ 4 proposals

Artem Neforenko
Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan  14  0
Project published
1 year ago
  • C/CPP