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3D modeling and visualization


Visualization 3D for 3ds Max

Need to model such a backrest for 3dsmax. Only the backrest. Interested parties, please leave applications.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 3 proposals

3D model

https://www.swisstransfer.com/d/90b24df1-f206-46ce-99c4-b7e2d1a27e5e https://www.swisstransfer.com/d/cdc0f3be-66b6-4b6b-bdc9-bca35ab04f17 Place https://fex.net/ru/s/1mrfkoa instead of the arbor Make a render But first send a screenshot of how it will look there. Maybe we…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 3 proposals

Manufacturing of a chair / wardrobe design

A wardrobe for a wall recess is needed. An approximate layout with measurements is attached. There are preferences for shelves, it would be nice if they were not made of chipboard or wood, but iron with holes for air circulation inside the wardrobe. The back wall of the wardrobe…

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 5 proposals

Change the shape of the house in the picture

I have a ready layout of a house with an attached garage. It is necessary to change the garage roof to a flat roof, and change the house roof.

3D modeling and visualization ∙ 14 proposals

Shelves for stores

321 USD

Visualization of products is needed for placement on the pages of the online store. In particular, tables, stainless steel cabinets

3D modeling and visualization ∙ 38 proposals

Creation of 3D images

The work is not one-time. It is necessary to create 3D visualizations of protective shelters with thematic backgrounds. For example, if the shelter is positioned for educational institutions, then on the background there should be a kindergarten, school, children, etc. We will…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 35 proposals

3D motion design video (VFX)

136 USD

Looking for a 3D/motion designer who could create a similar video Send your proposals (your works + price + time for work) https://www.instagram.com/p/Cw0KfrYMDQY/?hl=en

Animation3D modeling and visualization ∙ 15 proposals

3D visualization of railing and glass hardware

Hello! We are looking for a 3D visualizer with experience to create photorealistic 3D models of hardware for railings and glass made of stainless steel. In this task, it will be necessary to create two images sized 2940x3675 px. We provide files in *.SLDPRT, *.SLDASM, *.SLDDRW…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 27 proposals

Creating a talking 3D avatar from a real person based on video.

Visual: Expressing different emotions for children to perceive. Sound: The voice should be emotional and pleasant for children. English with an American dialect. Send a successful "Before and After" example from Ukrainian to English. Only interested in a realistic avatar…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling

Design project of a bathroom (with renders in 3D Max, drawings, links)

Hello, you need to develop a design project for a bathroom (with renders in 3D Max and V-Ray or Corona, drawings, links to purchase items from American websites). What will be needed: - Drawings - here is an example of submission:…

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 24 proposals

Creating a 3D intro and logo for a YouTube video

Need to create a 3D screensaver and 3D logo according to the provided technical specification. Short example for about 6 seconds, of which 3 seconds - animation of a falling box and particles pouring out of it. The rest is static. The task is to assemble a beautiful scene and…

Animation3D modeling and visualization ∙ 18 proposals

Character Animator

247 USD

Job Description: We are looking for a creative character animator to create various scenes focusing on facial expressions, dialogue, and emotions. The main task is to animate a 3D monkey character for short 15-second video clips. Additionally, the animator should have skills to…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 4 proposals

3D Character Artist

247 USD

Job Description:We are looking for a talented 3D artist to create a highly detailed monkey character. The character should meet cinematic quality standards with meticulous texture, material, and lighting work. Additionally, the character should be equipped with horns on the face…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 4 proposals