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3D modeling and visualization

The house model by photo in SketchUP new

You need to make a model of the existing house by photo in SketchUp. The size of the coke is down. Detailed discussion with the executive

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 9 proposals
Making a 3D model of the character Cat by images new
800 UAH

Need for 3D animation to make a hero from the YouTube channel for the next animation HTTPS://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uGRVbS_UNk There is a hero in the vector in different positions and from different sides.

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 9 proposals
I'm looking for a 3D visualizer for interior visualization new
3000 UAH

I am looking for a person who can make a 3D visualizer (examples attached), of such quality, and close to the provided references, it is possible to use ready-made similar models. The main condition is a portfolio with realistic and high-quality works. Responsibility and…

3D modeling and visualization ∙ 24 proposals
The Beer Shop new

You need to design a beer store, with a cage and a shopping hall. The total area is 25m2. 10 to 15 varieties. What I have to give, I will give.

3D modeling and visualizationDesigning ∙ 17 proposals
Interior design of the office room new
10 000 UAH

It is necessary to develop the design of the interior of the office room with an area of 300m2, 100m2 of which the terrace. Style and details need to be discussed.

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 33 proposals
3ds Max 3d Designs new

You need to produce 5 most realistic 3d images of built-in furniture design projects in 3ds Max (maximally quality render). Examples are added.

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 28 proposals
Painting from 2D to 3D new

There is a painted corgae (a dog) that is now acting as a company character I need to paint it in 3D. Logos The site Show your 3D examples

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 16 proposals
Music Visualization for a Music Group Concert new
1000 UAH

Welcome to. You need to make a musical visualization for the live concerts, which will be performed behind the musicians. It is important that the video constantly has a group logo and a page of Instagram. For example, this can be a logo with Instagram in the middle, and around…

Animation3D modeling and visualization ∙ 10 proposals
3D modeling knowledge of clothing designer (distance work) new

1 . It is necessary to translate existing medications (in the format dxf, rul, pdf) from the Russian language to English. The 2nd Development of new medicines in electronic format for TZ and visualization of the result in 3D. 3 . Correction of existing medications in electronic…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 3 proposals
Visualization of the room new

Good morning, you need a visualization of a room with a stone area of 16 m2. with certain desires. Photo and size will be posted in a private message.

3D modeling and visualization ∙ 49 proposals
VFX for Casual Games. new

Top-down shooter / Tower Defense There are assets with perses and effects. It is necessary to gather a set of effects and animations for characters, puzzles and NPC The expected level of quality example as in the video. It is necessary to develop and collect the effects.…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 1 proposal
3D visualization. Virtually making a photo. The Virtual Staging new

You need to make a virtual photo of the real estate. We give you a photo, you turn it into a scene, set a perspective, etc. Then integrate 3D models (they are provided). Example Before and After in the Addition. If we like each other, the projects will be on a permanent basis.…

3D modeling and visualization ∙ 24 proposals
Working well on the heating project on Archicad new

We have the heat cutting that needs to be processed. The building itself is - crossing, san nodes and the location of plants made - you need to climb and place the lights and show the sanitary, electricity Showing size for builders.

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 4 proposals
Visualization and Modeling new

Welcome to! 1 . Modeling a bottle of fire and placing the design of 2 labels. (There are several variants of glass, transparent and matte). The 2nd A 360-degree bottle in the GIF format is two bottles of apple and an original. 3 . Create the image visualization (as in the…

3D modeling and visualization ∙ 14 proposals