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Fix errors in 1C

The 1C server started to lag heavily a few days ago. Then a lot of different errors popped up and the logs grew. It is necessary to fix the errors and clean up the logs. The errors are quite complex.


Integrate the registry of information from WorkPlanner with Google Calendar

A mechanism for integrating the registry of planned work information with Google Calendar needs to be developed. The configuration is a non-standard configuration on the BAF platform. It is designed for accounting at an auto service enterprise, particularly for managing the…

1C ∙ 2 proposals

Set up the bonus system in 1C ERP.

Good day. Looking for a person who has experience with this and is ready to demonstrate something similar Terms of Reference https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Lp6MXltnI7Ef3C3fc-gGVKKrCc9B3dGNcApnXE8hOGM/edit

1C ∙ 5 proposals

Moving from Bitrix to Open Cart

It is necessary to transfer the current site to Bitrix to a new CMS - Open Cart 4. Link to the current site -- https://luxury-ua.com/ Main nuances during the move: - set up integration with 1C in Open Cart - preserve the link mass of the site to avoid position drops More…

1CWeb programming ∙ 14 proposals

Manager of assortment policy (work in 1C)

124 USD

A manager is needed for project work on filling the assortment in the 1C program. Specific knowledge of working in the program is not required, we will teach you! Job specifics: 1) Filling out product cards (names, descriptions, photos, characteristics) 2) Working on setting…

1CData processing ∙ 13 proposals

Integration of the acquiring terminal Ingenico Desk/3200 with 1C

62 USD

It is necessary to integrate the acquiring terminal Ingenico Desk/3200 with 1C. The task is to ensure that when making a non-cash payment in the POS terminal, the amount is automatically displayed on the terminal without the need for manual data entry. Configuration: Business…

1C ∙ 3 proposals

Connect 10 personal Facebook accounts to 1C or any other system

247 USD

It is necessary to integrate personal Facebook accounts with 1C to receive messages from Messenger and respond to these messages from 1C. If there are other solutions besides 1C, we consider any option - custom bots, parsers, or other applications. We have about 10-15 personal…

1CWeb programming

Creating a retail store in 1C

It is necessary to install 1C from scratch on the server, create workstations for cashiers, admin... There is a store, but it is being brought into the 21st century, for electronic accounting, to easily analyze turnover, income, expenses, cash flow. But it is not necessary for…

1C ∙ 8 proposals

Development of a Google Data Studio / PowerBi dashboard

124 USD

Several dashboards need to be developed to display various metrics from 1C SQL. We are considering options such as Google Data Studio and PowerBi. The dashboards should be visually understandable and readable. There are not many metrics and indicators The budget provided is…

1CDatabases ∙ 6 proposals

BAS BUY integration with Nova Poshta FULFILLMENT

API description from Nova Poshta Fulfillment is attached. We plan to use BAS KUP 2.5 Integration of BAS KUP with Nova Poshta FULFILLMENT needs to be implemented. The action algorithm is as follows (for example): 1. BAS user creates a Customer Order, then RTU and a delivery…

1CAccounting services ∙ 4 proposals

Synchronization of goods and prices from 1C to Wordpress site

Good day. There is a new website on wordpress - https://mkey.ukspar.ua/ The task is to synchronize UTP 1C:Enterprise 8.3 ( with the website. It is necessary for a VARIABLE product to be transmitted from 1C to the website by article with prices. With the ability to…

1C ∙ 3 proposals

We are looking for developers for a GTA V RP game server.

We are looking for developers for a GTA V RP game server. - We are looking for experienced individuals to collaborate on a regular basis.

1CC and C++ ∙ 1 proposal

Google Sheets

A table is needed to input the income and expenses of various counterparties and calculate the balance

1CApplication programming ∙ 15 proposals

Setting up integration of 1C UTP with WooCommerce

62 USD

It is necessary to set up integration between 1C and a WordPress website with WooCommerce plugin and 1C:Enterprise. Please provide your suggestions.

1C ∙ 4 proposals

Set up an OLAP cube in Excel from 1C

There is already a consolidated table built in Excel that takes its data from 1C. These data are not read directly, but are separately loaded into a specific database according to the schedule. And from where Excel reads the data and processes it in the consolidated table.…

1CDatabases ∙ 7 proposals