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Install and set the iiko plugin on the WooCommerce food delivery site new
1600 UAH

Install and set the iiko plugin to the wordpress food delivery site menu, as well as convert about 12 words per language.

1CWeb programming
Download fields through the REST API from 1C to Wordpress new

You need to download the data from 1C to WordPress through the REST API. What exactly the data you need - you can find in the table. It is also necessary to compile the data structure in XML so that 1Scripts form the corresponding document. Other ways to solve this task are…

1CPHP ∙ 4 proposals
The online store new
20 000 UAH

The Internet Trading DropShiper by opt Mobile version Integration with 1C orders and goods (inventory, price)

1CWeb programming ∙ 24 proposals
Working with Shopify new
14 000 UAH

The site is written on the Shopify platform! Connect Fundy, PayPal and Apple Pay • Cleaning and verification of languages (Ukr./Ang.) There is an app with automatic language translation. • 2 buttons that don’t look to change the language to English. They remain on the UCR. Add a…

1CSystem programming ∙ 4 proposals
Formatting of Excel new

Hello to you! I'm looking for a person who can formatting the data in one table and transfer it to another. I have a table with phone numbers, but in each cell of the phone number there is another text that I don’t need. I don’t want to copy each individual number and move it…

1CDatabases ∙ 33 proposals
The Back 3 new

There is a company that is selling goods. This is mainly shoes and clothes. You need a database with different levels of access. You should also have access to it from the iPhone. About the structure of the base itself: there should be a warehouse with items, registration of…

1CDatabases ∙ 2 proposals
BAF/1C Printed Document Forms new

For untypical configuration on the BAF (Auto Service) platform, it is necessary to develop and add a new pattern to the external printed module. Full TZ and maps in attached files. The 1C developer is needed to perform tasks within the framework of an untypical configuration…

1C ∙ 10 proposals
Settings of data exchange 1c and the Bitrix site new

Stop automatically updating orders 1c with the site, updated manually, now after updating, even if manually updating, orders are not drawn into 1c

1C ∙ 4 proposals
Based on the Karkas Configuration. new

Based on the Karkas Configuration. TZ tasks in attached files. When performing the task, you need to describe in detail every change made in the configuration. IMPORTANT: For each ticket must be the corresponding IB. Configuration is provided. Date of delivery 30 September…

Preparation 1C new

You need to update the configuration "1C:Management by the Company for Azerbaijan" according to the requirements prescribed in the ticket. When submitting the task you need to attach screenshots of the important points indicated in the ticket, as well as a text document…

Application settings for receiving prize from the South Contract and MTI new

You need to set access by API to suppliers, for access to prices and residues to download in 1C UNF. More complex setting is not priority yet, but we can discuss.

1C ∙ 7 proposals
Programming by Bitrix new

Hello to you. There is a site on the bitrix, a large board of ads - link download to LS. We want to re-design it. Currently, we are looking for an executive for the design, and parallel programming / creator / one who will be able to integrate the creator. Please respond…

1CPHP ∙ 4 proposals
Sweat in 1C 7 version a commodity base of exel, about 40,000 positions new

There is an Excel file with a commodity base. About 50 thousand. goods, it is necessary to import it in 1c into a separate folder. Connecting to the computer via Annie Desk

1C ∙ 5 proposals
Configuration of reports in 1s UT 8.3 new
1500 UAH

Good day ! I am looking for an experienced specialist to set reports in 1s UT 8.3. I only look at practitioners with a good experience working with the program 1c version of UT 8.3 The task: Check the existing reports and set the report on the value of the remains on the…

1C ∙ 5 proposals
Download the list from BAS(1C) to Google Sheets new

It is necessary to make a BAS(1C) UT Trace must be done. The remains must be updated once a hour, while the goods with 0 presence must be deleted in Google Sheets. What comes from 1C 1 . Articles of goods 2nd The name Three Characteristics ( size ) 4 . The…

1CDatabases ∙ 4 proposals