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1c erp processing new
10 000 UAH

We have production. Scanning is implemented At the start of the order for the production of a series of products, 100 units are allowed. The 1st stage is opened and there are 100 units available (he can now take even a part of the party to work and complete…

1c/BAS+ VIBER/SMS Automatic sending of template messages new

Automatic sending of transaction template messages to the customer to VIBER at certain order conditions. Transfer by Turbosms For example, the order status ="new" - sends the message "Your order No.... received, wait for a call from the manager", or with the status "transmitted…

1C ∙ 4 proposals
Integration of the WordPress+woocommece online store with BAS Small Business new

Integrating BAS Small Business with a WordPress+Woocommerce site. Obviously:Receipt of orders from the site at BAS with all the customer data (PIB, goods in order, type and status of payment, delivery data). Synchronization of residues (the possibility of choosing the…

Integration of text documents in 1C UTP 8.3 new
3375 UAH

1C 8.3 (UTP It is necessary to prepare in 1c for the formation of expeditory transactions, so that from this document can be printed contracts with customers and carriers.There are only 10 types of contracts, including transport applications.Whether there is one…

1C ∙ 4 proposals
Download data to XML from 1C by file example new
500 UAH

You need a specialist who, for example, a file, creates an external processing with the selection of the fields of the reference and characteristics to download in XML the necessary information from the 1C base. Examples of the file on request at LS. Ready to hear the price…

1C ∙ 5 proposals
Personal accounting in the company new

We need a specialist in personnel. TOV, manufacturing profile in the state of 7 people. In 1C you will need to form a table of counting the GDP 2 times a month-Receipt, the dismissal of employees, the creation of orders. - Formatting holidays, conducting and drawing up a…

1CAccounting services ∙ 1 proposal
Development of user workplace in 1C and adaptation under 7" points new

1. in 1c 8.3 UTP create a workplace for the worker in production - the functionality is very limited. Adjust this place to a 7 inch touchscreen 2nd Regulation of rights for users of the trade department Three Updating the printed forms to the current

1C ∙ 6 proposals
Connect 1c to woocomerce new

Hello, you need to connect the 1c program to the wocomers. Our 1s is already connected to a new mail and several internal functions. It is necessary that the order is automatically sent to 1c,and also sorted by items and other data,as it was on the past site. As soon as we make…

1CWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals
BAF Developer new
2000 UAH

I'm looking for a developer for baf software to make changes to production on a constant basis. Enter your price per hour of work (as the payment is timely). It also indicates your work experience and what you need from the company to start working and make changes in the baf.

1C ∙ 10 proposals
CRM for UTP new
5000 UAH

Good day You need to integrate 1c CRM and UTP A ready solution option for third-party CRM systems is considered

1C ∙ 3 proposals
Download of Acts BAS Accounting => Medoc new

Good day . I need from the 1C Base of Accounting to transfer the acts of the work done to the MEDOC for signature and sending to the counterparts. You need to make a template in the Medk and the external processing 1C BAS to download the xml file from the Product Realization…

1C ∙ 5 proposals
Data parsing from 1C. External Processing / Module new
3000 UAH

A specialist is needed to help create a universal parsing for information collection and subsequent automatic charging in 1C (photos, name, product description, product characteristics + properties). Additional translations are added to the base. Accordingly, they will serve as…

1CWeb programming ∙ 3 proposals
Synchronization 1C (BAS ERP 2.5) with a WordPress site new

It is necessary to synchronize and exchange data 1C (BAS ERP 2.5) with the website of the online store on the WordPress platform. Loading the residues of goods; the catalogue; Description of the goods; - Obtaining information about the order and the customer.

1CDatabases ∙ 3 proposals
The integration of the 1C. 7.7 with the website new

Good day, you need to set up 1C faith. 7.7, to 1C enter and receive data from the site. From the sides of the site will also work people who will drive integration from the other side. There will be a meeting to discuss all the details.

1C ∙ 3 proposals
Programming 1c BAS Small Business new

It requires a programmer with confident work experience in 1c to switch to 1c BAS Small Business. Starting experience from scratch, settings and development in the direction of internet trading, retail business, services. Experience of successful transitions, transfer,…

1C ∙ 10 proposals